On March 28th, 2022 humanitarian aid prepared by the British farmers started its trip from the UK to Poland.

  • Porridge
  • Muesli
  • Dried products (nuts, etc.)
  • Pasta / noodles
  • Cookies
  • Baby food / milk
  • Flour
  • Diapers

On Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 vans from the UK arrived to Lublin, where the aid was unloaded at the “Help Ukraine” Center.

On the following day it was taken by the Ukrainian van and continued its trip.

On Saturday the humanitarian aid arrivied to Uzhorod, where it was distributed among the refugees from  the East of Ukraine, the orphanages that accept children from Mariupol and the local bakery that bakes free bread for the refugees.

If we talk about the city of Uzhorod, there are 30,000 refugees officially at the moment, but informally their number in Transcarpathia is over 250,000 people. It means that the population there has doubled. Lots of people fled abroad, but there are a lot who are still staying in Ukraine.